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Born in France, from Guadeloupean descent, I graduated in 1996 with a degree of apparel production.


I always had a fascination for fiber, and especially paper for its textures, strength and softness which allow to give it diverse dimensions.


As a self taught artist I love experimenting and my work is a mixing of craft technics: basket making, weaving, knitting...


I have been combining artistic research and lifestyle to create functional art pieces out of recycled cardboard for more than ten years and recently with paper thread.


My work, influenced by my Caribbean origins, lies between design and contemporary craft.


Concerned with craftsmanship, texture, and volume, I make each one of my objects by hand.


I am a professional member of the Conseil des Metiers d'Art du Quebec - CMAQ and International Association of Hand Papermakers and PaperArtists - IAPMA


My studio is based in Montreal, Canada


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Crédit: Stéphanie Lamy Photography

Marie José Gustave 2013 - 2014

copie logo sophie