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My art practice is quintessentially about cross-breeding, about the confluence of cultures, and of tradition and modernity.

My creations reflect my reality. I live at the junction of three continents - Africa, Europe and North America – and that transpires in my artwork, which is at the crossroads of ethnicity and modernity.


Traditional crafts form the basis of my practice. Inspired by the traditional techniques of basket-making and knitting, I transform my material of choice into works and objects that have simple shapes and organic textures. This is where the challenge lies. Also, my work speaks of my heritage and I use ancient techniques that date back to a Guadeloupean, French and Quebecois past. Through those techniques, I create forms made contemporary through my application of current design principles.


In my process, I start by familiarizing myself with the material: I manipulate it, observe how it reacts until I reach a level of intimacy with it. Experimentation is essential in my creative process. Paper thread, in appearance flexible, is actually recalcitrant, and in this tense interaction between the material and myself, I construct three-dimensional shapes and I discover the textures that can be created with paper yarn. Then, freed from those technical constraints, I start exploring more sculptural shapes.


My hands are the instruments that knit that fragile relationship with the material. The meticulous gesture and meditative repetition of shaping thread fuel my creative passion.


Craft as gesture and technique brings to light simple and contemporary shapes.